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Clewell Photography Logo

When Kris and Jessie Clewell approached me to redesign their existing logo, I was pretty excited. The pair run a successful wedding photography business in Minneapolis, MN, and helping them to re-brand the company was going to be interesting (especially considering they are both creatives and Kris has a degree in Graphic Design). Every project starts with questions, so I got right into it. Who was their target audience? Who was their biggest competition? Why the desire to re-brand?

Their existing logo was good, but it didn't reflect the image they were wanting to present. They wanted something a bit softer, something that their clientele could relate to. Jessie had mentioned using a script typeface for their name, my recommendation whenever it comes to script typefaces used in logos is to have the word or letter mark actually written out in the clients handwriting if possible. Generally, I find script typefaces to be very generic and poorly designed. Nothing digital is really ever going to flow as naturally as a person’s own writing. I started by giving Jessie a homework assignment. Write their last name over and over and over again on plain white paper with a sharpie. Keep writing until she got one signature that was perfect. Then scan it and e-mail it over to me. The couple had also expressed that they would like to get rid of the camera illustration in their existing logo and wanted to play up the idea that their business was centered around engagements and weddings etc. The more I thought about this, the more I started to like the idea of incorporating a heart into the signature. Something light and whimsical and fun. After getting the OK from the client to move forward with the concept it was my turn to put sharpie to paper. Working off of the “w” from the signature supplied from the client, I started drawing heart after heart after heart. The concept being that the final stroke of the “w” would form the outline of a heart. After sheets and sheets of sketches, the final “w” heart combo was chosen and brought into Photoshop, where it was combined with the original signature the client had sent over. From there, the combined graphic was brought into Illustrator where everything was re-drawn and combined with an art brush to add a bit more motion to the illustration. Finally, the heart was filled in with red and a slight drop shadow added to add some additional dimension.