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eurowerks 6 graphic

When the guys over at eurowerks approached me to develop a graphic for their annual car show, they didn’t exactly give me much to go off of. When asked if they had anything specific in mind as far as imagery or direction, they simply said, “Something cool; something the kids will wear.” Thankfully, I’m quite familiar with both the eurowerks car show and the modified Volkswagen/Audi scene, so I dove head first into concept generation. I always like to show a client 4 or 5 concepts when I’m working on a design, so that they can pick and choose components and know that they are involved in the process of getting a truly custom solution. Unfortunately, the first batch of concepts were not well-received. In fact, the response e-mail I received after sending them over simply read, “meh.”

Back to the drawing board.

I started playing around with using negative space to reverse out the #6, as this was going to be a t-shirt design as well as the car show’s logo, by using a halftone screen I felt it would have a nice look against the color of the shirt. But before that design ever even made it to the client, I had moved on. While sketching 6s and playing around with positive and negative space, I drew a large #6 and started filling it in with the existing eurowerks word mark. A completely typographic solution definitely was not what the client was expecting, but their response to the concepts was great, and after a few minor tweaks, the final vector art was prepped and off to the silk-screener. I would always tell my students, "it’s very seldom, if ever, that your first concept/design will be the one the client decides to go with".

Good designs don't just happen, they evolve.