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Sharpie Squad

As far back as I can remember, I have always drawn and sketched using Sharpie®. It's probably safe to say that they are a fundamental part of any artist's tool kit. So when I got the call that they were looking for somebody to create a series of caricature illustrations for they're newly formed Sharpie® Squad I was eager to say yes.

Once the client had signed off on an illustration style and format, it was time to start collecting reference photos of the folks being illustrated. The nerve-racking part of this particular project was that the illustrations were going to be of some really well known artists and bloggers and when you're creating art for other artists, it can become a little intimidating. But this project was a lot of fun because it allowed me to step away from the computer and just draw.

There's something freeing about being able to just pick up a marker and a piece of paper and start sketching. But I supposed that's what Sharpie® is all about.